Top Approaches to Manage GCP Cloud Usage and Optimize Costs

Top approaches to manage GCP Cloud Usage & optimize costs

Cloud technology came into existence because it helped businesses to scale up and down anytime without spending much cost. But if used smartly we can optimize cloud services also to save more money.

At GCP, team Google works very closely with their customers to support Google Cloud cost optimization and control their expenses. There are several tools and tricks provided that are simple to use and save unnecessary costs. It’s simply a matter of knowledge and understanding about what and where to track. In this blog, we will discuss about Google Cloud Platform (GCP)cost management and uncover how one can optimize performance and resources to get the best usage output from them.

How does GCP Billing work?

The Pay-as-you-go model, This means while using GCP you have to pay only for the services you use. No up-front cost or termination charges. But pricing varies by product and its usage. You can view the detailed pricing list here. The pricing model of GCP ranges across its 15+ product categories, including cloud computing, database, networking, AI & machine learning, containers, and more. Each product category provides a large number of Google Cloud products and services all designed for a variety of purposes. For best practice, I will suggest you all use a pricing calculator by GCP to estimate and forecast your usage of services and your monthly bills based on them.

The best part about GCP is you don’t have to pay for all the services you use. There are few free offerings too, GCP provides 20+ free products to provide you free hands-on experience. GCP also provides $300 to every new user when they first sign up on Google Cloud Platform.

How Can we Reduce GCP Cost?

GCP also cares for your money, that is why they provide a set of tools to optimize your cost. These tools keep a track record of all the things and make sure that we might not accidentally end up over-utilizing the GCP services, which might generate a huge bill in the end. A few of these tools are budgets and alerts, billing reports, reports, and quotas.

Google Cloud Budgeting and Alerting Tool

This tool helps you to set a budget limit and an alert when your budget crosses that limit. For example- If your budget is Rs.1000 and you set an alert on 80% usage, then you will receive a notification from GCP once your usage crosses Rs. 800.

Google Cloud Billing Export Tool

This tool helps you in storing all the billing-related information of your Google Cloud account.

Google Cloud Billing Reports

GCP monitors all your expenses related to your projects and services and provides reports in a data visualization tool. By looking at those reports, you can easily figure out which services are running and their cost.

Google Cloud Quotas

Quotas in one more important tool from GCP to keep the cost of expenses on track. Quotas help you put a stop to the overconsumption of any GCP resource because of some bug or any kind of malicious attack. Quotas can be applied on the GCP project level and any unforeseen billing charges in your GCP projects can be avoided.


Optimizing cost and managing resources are very crucial aspects when you are working on the Google Cloud Platform. Maintaining lower costs is now not a recommendation in an organization but it has become a compulsory and strict rule to be followed. So it’s important to stay on trend around and best practice GCP cost management because GCP resource usage can make a critical difference in your monthly bills and your companies bottom line.